Saturday, April 9, 2016

You Are Always Welcome

This is one of those betwixt and between things.  I'm about 90% certain that the central image is based on a photograph, which means I've got a 10% doubt that it might be illustration.  Anyway, 90 trumps 10 so photo blog it is.  This was mailed to "Miss Annie B. York, 47 Howard St., Portland, Me."  Postmark, "BOSTON NOV 12 11-AM 1910."  And the message, "Boston, Mass, Nov 11, 10.  Why are you so silent, G.M.B."   Poor guy.  G.M.B. wants to be remembered, and assured that Annie hasn't found someone else.

Click on flirtation in labels to see more from this collection.  I've still got plenty more to go, but I'll be leaving this lot for other things.  Maybe, if I remember, there'll be more in a month or so.

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