Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Am Coming Home To Wed You

This one has a photo credit, Scott & Van Altena, two partners, photographer and colorist, who provided genre scenes for postcards and nickelodeons. Click on Scott and Van Altena in labels to  get some more info on the pair.

Anyway, this card is from a series of illustrated song lyrics.  "Theodor Eismann, Leipzig and New York, Illustrated Song Serie No. 1828/2. Words and Music copyrighted by Chas. K. Harris, New York 1907. Words used by permission of the publisher."

 Yes, it is serie, not series.  I looked it up in my dictionary from the 1920's and it means the same as series.  So why does a word that exists, has been used for centuries, is not known by my computer?  Spell check insists that it isn't a word.  Personally I think we're entering a digital dark ages where anything that the guys in Silicon Valley don't like, recognize, or value just get deleted from history.

This card was never used. Click on flirtation in labels to see other postcards from this collection.

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