Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Views of the World, Culebra Cut, Panama

Again, Panama?  I'm beginning to think that Views of the World is staying in the Americas and places where the United States were heavily involved.  Be patient.  It will take awhile, but Europe, Asia, and even Africa are ahead.

Anyway, the Culebra Cut really was a big deal when these cards were published.  The Panama Canal was one of the great engineering feats of it's era, and the Culebra Cut, the removal of a mountain, the continental divide of the Panamanian isthmus, was the big challenge of the project.  A French company had tried to cut a sea level canal in the 1880s. but the project was too big for a private concern.  The U.S. government worked on the cut, but with locks, from 1904-1913.  And it wasn't just the engineering.  It was also yellow fever that had to be dealt with.

Click on Views of the World in labels to see other cards in the series.  But, you'll have to wait awhile for a completion of the lot.

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