Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Michigan City Postcard

Wow another bow tie.

 In this case Michigan City refers to Lake Michigan, and Indiana.  Printed on the back, "The Park Studios Michigan City Indiana."  I did try a search, but all Google came up with were ads for studio apartments near the park.  So much for the digital world.

Not a lot to write about Michigan City.  It was incorporated in 1836, so it's been around for awhile.  There was once a Pullman rail car factory in the town.  It's near Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore. It has a lighthouse which is kind of interesting.  And, it's the furthest stop on Chicago's interurban.  Long before interstates, most cities of a certain size had traction companies, and interurbans, light rail that ran well beyond the city limits.

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  1. Out here on the plains, we had an interurban that ran between Hutchinson, KS and Wichita with stops at Newton and perhaps, Burrton. What a fun ride for a kid about ten to ride and visit grandma - all alone!