Friday, November 14, 2014

Mom's Friends

Well, I'm going to stick with the military stuff, at least through the weekend.  This one looks like the World War 2 era.

Written on the back, "Mom & Friends."  But, which lady is mom?  If the writing on the back was written when the photo was taken, Mom is probably the older woman.  If thirty years latter, probably the younger lady.  Significantly, the man is neither son, nor father.  Personally, I think Mom is the younger of the two women, and she went through a number of  boyfriends through the war years.  But, did the man in the picture not live up to Mom's standards, or did he not live?

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  1. Interesting question to ponder. Or the woman on the right is the mom and the young couple were friends. Mom is the one a bit standoffish with her head leaning away from them. Lots of stories here.