Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Leap

As a rule, I don't keep seasons on The New Found Photography.  If  I've got a nice beach picture, and I've got a few in the queue, I'm as likely to post them in January as in July.  But, since the last post was so summery, I thought this snow scene was a great follow up.

 I bought this image here, in southern California, so it's a good bet that I've driven this road.  I doubt that stone structure is there anymore, but it made a good spot to take a leap into winter, though I've got a funny feeling that there's a bit of stage craft in this photo.  I think the leaper didn't leap, so much as pretended to leap for the camera.

Now, let me get into printer mode for a bit.  Notice all the white spots and lines.  That's not snow, it's a dirty negative.  This must have been printed in a home darkroom.  Pro printers don't last if they can't be bothered to clean the neg before exposure.

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