Friday, September 12, 2014

My Virginia, from Virginia

There's no question on this one.  On the right border, "Photo by Scott & Van Altena"

Edward Van Altena, 1874-1968, was an American photographer who, in 1904, partnered with colorist John Duer Scott, 1876-1966,  to form a company that manufactured magic lantern slides.  The company ended in 1919.  I have no idea why the partners called it quits, but their main market was nickelodeons, and by 1919, the nickelodeon had all but disappeared.

Printed on the back, "Theodor Eisman, Leipzig and New York, Illustrated Song Serie No. 1828/1.  Words and Music copyrighted by Chas. K. Harris, New York 1907.  Words used by permission of the publisher.

Charles K. Harris was an American songwriter known as the king of the tearjerkers.  He was born in 1867, his first published song was Since Maggie Learned to Skate.  It was used in the 1885 play, The Skating Rink.  Harris was one of the first professional songwriters to form his own publishing company, and also one of the first songwriters associated with Tin Pan Alley in New York City.

This card was never mailed, and there is no message on the back.  Click on flirtation in the labels section at the bottom of the post to see other cards in the collection.

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