Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do you mean business young man....

...or are you only kidding?

Over a year ago, I purchased an envelope of postcards that a dealer had put together that he referred to as a flirtation collection.  Each card, most from Maine, and many from the same group of people, have romantic themes.  Some are clearly photographic in origin, some are pure illustration, and many are anyone's guess.  Cards that come from photographs, or that I think had a likely photographic source are published on The New Found Photography.  Cards that look to be pure illustration go on my Fair Use blog.  There are some that I'm not sure of either way.  Those are judgement calls. Click on flirtation in labels to see what's already up.  Same deal on Fair Use.

This one was never mailed and there's no message on the back.  It was printed in Germany which makes it pre-World War 1.  The faces and bodies look like they started as photos, but the background appears to be drawn.  It's the hands, especially of the older man, that give me some doubt.  To me, it looks like someone went in and gave his models long, thin fingers.

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