Saturday, April 26, 2014


Remember Michael Jackson?  No, not that Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson the liberal, radio talk show host who spent years on KABC radio in Los Angeles.  Anyway, Jackson would often say that the art of talk radio was to sound unnaturally natural.  Well, that's the aim of hand tinted photographs.  On one hand, the only people who have skin tones like the lady above are in caskets.  On the other, this is one of the better tint jobs I've seen, and I'm sure that the lady was well pleased with the final result.

Stamped on the back, "When ordering ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS please give the number appearing on this photograph. PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO AUERBACH'S SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH."  I did a little digging.  Auerbach's was a department store, no longer in business, at the corner of State St. and 300 South in Salt Lake City.  I found a store directory from the 1950s.  A photo studio wasn't listed, but the camera department was on the street floor.  When I was growing up, every Sears and J.C. Penny had a photo studio.  No appointment necessary, just drop in with the kids while shopping for school clothes.  Do department stores still have portrait photographers on staff?

Back to Michael Jackson.  When the other Michael died, access to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was blocked  by a movie premier, so the fans left their tributes at the star of the still living talk show host.  

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