Saturday, February 8, 2014

College Days, Mystery Locations, The Travelers Collection

Too many collections, too little time.

Why do people travel?  Some just for pleasure.  Some move about for a more concrete reason.  Maybe the owners of these photos were in the military, maybe they were diplomats, or in some service organization.  Or maybe they were academics.  Anyone who has gone to college will recognize the quad, that great open space, dead center on campus.  I don't know which institution, but that top photo is the classic university quad.  The last photo is labeled "A university in Genoa."  And the other two have an institutional look that could be a college.  At least that's my guess, and I'm standing by it.  And if I'm wrong on my suppositions, well, that's what the comments section is for.

To recap, awhile back I bought a bunch of photos from a dealer, all from the same source, and there were a lot of travel photos in the envelope.  Click on travelers collection in labels to see them all.  Some are fairly interesting, some not.  Blame my obsession with posting everything for the dull ones.

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