Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Army Hospital Album 10

I still think this is a psychiatric hospital, but if so, why the surgical mask?  The first two photos are dated "APR 55"

 I wish I could make out the title of the book in the first image.  About twenty years ago, I was wandering around the California desert,  dropped into a thrift shop, and found a large stash of  sleazy 1950s paperbacks.  The type of books with lurid, illustrated, covers, and sex on every other page.  The thrift store guy told me they had all come from a library on an army base, which wasn't all that surprising.  What was surprising was that there were both gay themed books, and books about cross dressing.  I bought them all for 50 cents each, and put them on EBay with a five buck starting bid.  I paid my rent for year on that find.  I sold one of the cross dressing books for $285.  Go figure.

I'll be leaving this collection behind for the next three or four weeks.  Click on army hospital collection in the labels section at the bottom of the post to bring up the whole lot.

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