Sunday, December 15, 2013

S.F., The Travelers Collection

Yesterday's post was a collection of true mystery locales.  Today, it's San Francisco.  Well, at least the top one.  Alcatraz can be seen out in the bay, but what I really like about this image is, it's still working class San Francisco.  It's hard to believe for anyone who has spent any time in, upscale, chichi San Fran, but the city by the bay was once the hot spot for west coast,  left wing labor politics.  Artists lived there because it was cheap.  North Beach was inexpensive Italian restaurants, and the beats at City Lights Books.

The first time I visited San Francisco, over thirty years ago, I can remember eating at this bay side cafe.  As a former member of the Laborers and United Mine Workers, I felt quite comfortable eating with the stevedores and commercial fishermen.  The last time I was in San Francisco, about a decade ago, I went to the same cafe.  How things had changed.  It was all upscale hipster types waiting for brunch.  Brunch at a working class eatery!  I might not be remembering correctly.  It's been a long time, but Eagle Grill sounds right.

I'm not sure about the second photo, but it looks familiar, and I think it's San Francisco.  If anyone can confirm that, please leave a comment.

Click on travelers collection in the labels section to bring up the lot.  I'll be leaving the collection for awhile after this one.  More in the weeks and months to come.

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