Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not More Crossdressers !

According to the man who sold me these images, they were all torn from the same photo album (I hate when dealers do that!) and he grouped these four photos together because they were all pictures of people in costumes. Other than that, he couldn't really remember anything about them. Any names, dates, or locations were probably lost when the album was taken apart. Looking over these four photographs, my first guess is that they weren't taken at the same time. None of the people in the three individual portraits appear in the group shot. Too, some of the people in the group shot are not in costume, the hair-dos on the women and the ties on the men seem to be thirties or possibly the forties, the woman dressed as a male navel officer looks to be sporting a World War 2 era uniform, while the solo shot of the woman in the clown costume is wearing a very old type of lace-up, heeled boots that date back to an earlier age. Maybe the teens or before. But why the costumes? Were these pictures taken from the photo album of an actor? Was it a family partial to costume parties? Amateur theatricals? Because the album was dismembered, we'll never know.

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  1. Of course he couldn't remember anything about them! The fool destroyed the history! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I hope you whacked some sense into him before quietly grabbing the shots and leaving.