Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Pennsylvania Album

I've recently purchased some loose pages from an old photo album, as well as some photographs from the same source, which have at one time where mounted in the original album. I think I can date these from around the World War 1 era. The clothes, the one car, coupled with the pictures of the young man in a military camp puts these around 1917-18. There are very few labels on any of these prints. The formal studio portrait of the young lady with the pearl necklace has a studio name embossed on the lower right corner, "Sarony, 1206 Chestnut St. Phila, Pa." The guys wearing shorts and standing next to a rail car, "PARR employes." The PARR stands for Pennsylvania Rail Road." Stamped on the back of the photo in the black, paper frame with the slightly arched top border has stmaped on the back, "H.T. DONOVAN 12 So. Centre Square, Allentown, Pa." And embossed on the stained, studio portrait of the young man with the high collar, "WINT STUDIO ALLENTOWN, PA." Where there were multiple prints on the same album page, I've posted the whole page to show context, as well as indivdual images from those pages. There were a couple of photos that were either too faded or out of focus to warrent a seperate post.

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