Friday, February 5, 2010

Novelty Wedding Stereoviews

While many stereoview cards where of current events, landscapes, and city scenes, there were also a number of novelty images as well. These two are wedding themed. The faded image, entitled The Bridegroom is three minutes late, was "Photographed and Published by B.W. Kilburn,-Littleton, N.H." On the front, side borders, "Copyright 1897, B.W. Kilburn." and "JAMES M. DAVIS, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney." Davis was a major distributor of stereoview cards and equipment. The other image, in much better condition, is from the H.C. White Company. Hawley C. White was a major publisher and manufacturer of stereoview equipment. On the borders, "H.C. WHITE CO., Gen'l Office N. Bennington, Vt., U.S.A. Branch Offices: New York, Chicago, London." And, The PREFEC-STEREOGRAPH. (Trade Mark.) Patented April 14, 1903. Other Patents Pending."

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