Sunday, July 2, 2017

Two Women on Vacation 4

In the previous  post of these two ladies, I wondered if they had traveled to more than one country on their vacation.  Take a look at the top photo and see that they are standing in front of a poster with writing.  I went back to Google translate and neither vytvarne and umeni came up as Bulgarian.  After trying a few different European languages, I got Czech for both words.  Vytvarne came up as artwork, and umeni was art.  So, perhaps Prague in what was then Czechoslovakia.

I suppose I think of eastern bloc nations during the cold war as gray, dull places with nothing beyond concrete apartment buildings and massive government buildings.  But, of course, most eastern European cities survived World War 2 relatively in tact.  Back in 1972, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Yugoslavia must have been nice, and cheap places to visit.

These are the last o photos from this collection.

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