Monday, July 10, 2017

Brook Jacoby, All Star

I became a sports fan because of television.  Growing up, fifty miles from downtown Pittsburgh, I watched the Pirates during the summer, the Steelers, Penn State, Pitt, and West Virginia during the fall, the Penguins, during the winter, and then it all started again with spring training.   Now I live in L.A. and if I want to watch the Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Lakers, Kings or Ducks, I have to buy cable packages.  I can't afford it, and even with football still available for free on open air TV...well, I just can't get really excited about sports anymore.  Will I watch tomorrow's All Star game on TV?  Probably not, and that's kind of sad.  I used to look forward to the game, now I don't.

Brook Jacoby didn't have a Hall of Fame career.  He started out with the Atlanta Braves, had a couple of brief call-ups and only played in 15 games from 1981-83.  Jacoby was with the Cleveland Indians in 1984, did a very brief stint with Oakland in 1991, and was back with Cleveland  in 1992.  He finished his career with the Chunichi Dragons, in Japan, in 1993.  Now he's the hitting coach with the Toronto Blue Jays.  He was an all star in 1986 and 1990.

Anyway, I'm not really into sports cards, but I found this on the street, and I've been saving it for an All Star Game post.

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