Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tombs of the Kalifs

Or tombs of the Caliphs if you prefer.

  Anyway, this one was actually sent to someone, "Mrs A. B. Hildritt, 400 West 10 Street, Newton, Kansas, U.S.A."  And the message, "March 8th 1908.  My dear Mis Hildritt.  This mosque of Amr owes its name to the general of the Caliph Amar.  There mosques & tombs were once provided mitt numerous staff of sheikhs.  during certain festivals reletives of the deceased visit & pray for there souls.  M. Walkentin"

I have used the spelling and punctuation found on the card.  Note mitt for with, so probably the sender was originally from Germany.  Fun fact, go on to a movie set, and if the director wants to film something without sound, he or she will say it's MOS.  German film makers working during the early sound era in Hollywood would say "Mitt out sound," which became MOS.  

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