Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Statue of Ramses

Yet another unused card, credited to "Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo"  I've actually been able to find some info on this pair.  Rudolf Franz Lehnart and Ernst Heinrich Landrock were a pair of Austrian born photographers who met each other in Switzerland in 1904.  The two formed a partnership in Tunis, where Landrock had taken a series of photographs, which lasted until 1914, when they were interred by the French as enemy aliens, at the beginning of World War 1.   Their large collection of glass plate negatives were also seized.

They didn't meet up again  until 1920.  With the dissolution of Austria-Hungary,  Landrock found himself a citizen of the new nation of Czechoslovakia, an ally of France, which allowed him to get the partner's negatives returned to him.  Lehnert had returned to Tunis where he photographed nudes for Jouret Studio.  They formed a new partnership, in Cairo,in 1924, where they published postcards from their photographs.  Lehnert sold out his half of the business to Landrock in 1930.  In 1939, fearing another internment, Landrock left for Germany.  He left the business under the management of his Swiss born nephew, Kurk Lambelit.  It's believed that the majority of the negatives from the partnership was destroyed by allied bombing, in Germany, during World War 2.

  Lehnert & Landrock is still in business, in Cairo, as a publisher of guide books.

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