Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Here, There, and Everywhere Collection-Me, Without Her

Since I'm spreading this collection out over such a long period of time, I suspect I'm going to be typing out these explanations quite a few times.  I bought a collection of old photos and album pages from an eBay seller who assures me they are all from an estate sale.  I have my doubts.  There are a few repeat characters through the lot, but not many.  Too, there are a lot of different locations, too many I think.  Anyway, that's why I've chosen  The Here, There and Everywhere Collection, which is also the clickable label at the bottom of the post that calls up whatever is up and ready for viewing.

Written on the back of this photo, "Me & Her 1918."  At some point, her got cut away from me.  I suspect me got another her in his life.  No location, but someplace snowy.  It looks like the man in this image is shoveling snow in front of a church.

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