Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Soul Kiss

Alright, as far as the whole photo based cards go here and illustrated cards go the Fair Use blog...well, not 100% sure on this one, but my best guess is that this one started life as a photo, so for better or worse, it's The New Found Photography for this Soul Kiss

Anyway, the postmark on this card has been smudged so I don't know when it was mailed, but most of the cards from this collection have been around 1910 to 1911, so that seems like a good timeline.

The message on the back, "this is your Martin and on the other side sunday it raining and I am so long Maude if you only new you would come and see me  M.L.J."  And yes,  the small T, S, the spelling of  knew as new, and the odd wording are how it's written.  And the addressee, "Mrs. Maude Tracy, Augusta, Maine, R.F.D. no. 3."  So, is Maude Tracy and the Maud Billings of earlier cards the same person?  If so, she's quite the coquette.  All the guys seem to long for her.

As usual, click on Flirtation in labels to see more cards from this collection.

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