Monday, November 21, 2016

Quiet Nooks

Well, it looks like a hand tinted photograph to me.

I've got a number of this style card from The Taylor Art Company, and it seems to me that they send really mixed signals. On one hand, they have a romantic feel to them, but on the other they seem like a confession of cheating.

Written on the back, "April 19, 1909.  from your old sweet heart with love.  A.R. Jr."  Addressed to "Miss Maud M. Billings, No 1 Cleveland St., Hamilton, Maine."  And finally, the postmark, "BANGOR ME. APR 19 11:30 PM '09."  

First of all, why would anyone think that the time on a postmark was important?  Was there a special postal worker whose job was to go around and change the time on all the stamps?  And secondly, this Maud lady shows up on a lot of these cards.  She must have been quite popular.

As usual, click on Flirtation in labels and all that.

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