Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Waterbury Paper Box Co. Wedding Album 29

Once again, it's time to return to the Waterbury Paper Box Co. Girls Club.....maybe.  At least, it was taken at the same location, and while there are a lot more girls in this photo, there are also a lot of boys.  Perhaps the girls club is having a Halloween party, and dates were invited.  The costumes are all over the place, and some of the attendees are just nicely dressed rather than all dressed up.   And oh those costumes.  Let's see, girls in top hats and neckties and a couple of boys in ladies bonnets.  There are wizards, nurses and sailors, and two really inappropriate outfits at least by the standards of our day.   Look closely at the black face in the front row, bone in the nose, and grass skirt.  And to that person's left, a girl with a black eye.  Click on the image to bring it up in a bigger window, if needed.

I'll be leaving this album for three to four weeks, and when I return to this collection, I'll post the last five pages and finish things up.  In the mean time, click on Waterbury Box Co. Album in labels to see everything posted, to date.  Remember, start with number one, for the proper order.

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