Friday, July 10, 2015

Co-Ed Team Or?

This is another of those photos that poses more questions than it answers.  With trainers Mike Brown and Tarzan Miller, this has to be some sort of team photo, but what kind?  If it's a co-ed team then it's a rare thing from the era.  I've never heard of any sort of school sport that had both male and female members.  Perhaps Judge Coffey was the boy's basketball coach, and Muggsy was the girl's coach.  I went to a very small school, and our basketball team only had ten members.  The six boys and six girls in this photo, would be just enough to put out a starting line up with one bench player, so it's possible, but unlikely.  It could be boys team and cheerleaders.  My guess is that this photo is from the fifties, well before Title 9, so there would have been no requirement for a girls team of any kind.

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  1. It looks like it could be a dance contest - with Philco on the sign at the right. And could that be a microphone in the background?