Wednesday, June 10, 2015

24 Year Old Female

I've written about this before.  Today, mention cross dressing and we think man in a dress.  Women wearing traditional male attire are now so common, that no one thinks it odd to see a woman in pants. That wasn't always true.  There was a time when a woman in trousers, let alone a full suit, would have been considered scandalous.  My guess is that this photo was taken in the teens or twenties, a time when this young lady, (And yes, I admit this might be a photo of a somewhat effeminate looking man.) would have had people talking.  Who knows, she might even have been arrested.

About the title.  Microsoft has a fun new doodad.  Upload a photo and the site will give the age and  gender of the subject.  This one was ID'd as a 24 year old female.  Of course, it's not always accurate.  I checked a couple of photos of myself, both taken about five years ago when I was in my mid-fifties.  One scanned as 41, the other, just a slightly different angle, 57.

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