Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wealth and Status

When I was growing up, having a fur coat was quite the status symbol for women.  I'm not very good at guessing the age of kids, but my thought is that this girl is probably around fourteen or fifteen.  Is it her coat?  Could be.  If there's money in the family budget for a fur for mom, there might also be enough for the daughter as well.  A more likely explanation, her mother owned the fur and the daughter is dreaming about being ten or fifteen years older and having her own fur coat.  The presumed perks of adulthood.

In recent years, fur has become somewhat problematic for the fashion conscious woman.  Fur may still be stylish for women of a certain economic class.  Enough of them are sold that they can still be seen on the streets of the tonier enclaves.  But, wearing that fur may get anything from rude remarks to a splash of red paint.

And if anyone is wondering.  All the white spots on the photo is where the printer didn't clean the negative.  If a hair or bit of dirt is on the neg, it prints white, and someone has to get in there with a paintbrush and some spot tone.  I was tempted to get my spotting kit out and fill in all those white bits, but in the end, I was more interested in keeping things they way they were found.

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