Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Sunday Morn

Well, the title of this post is what's written on the back.  Yes, it's almost Easter and just in case I'm not able to post anything this Sunday, I'm putting this one up know.  I have to say, when I was a kid I hated Easter.  I've never been a believer.  Even as a child, I didn't see the sense of religion.  Despite that disbelief, my mother made me go to church.  Happily I had an out.  My believing mother was like a lot of Christians.  Her church attendance was limited to the big religious holidays, so I was free to skip out the back door.  But on Easter, it wasn't just the risk of being ratted out by my sister, it was Mom sitting next to me in the pew with that be a good boy or else glare.

I hope they took the dog with them.  I still wouldn't have been a believer, but I might have been willing to sit through Sunday school and those long, boring sermons if I could have taken my dog.

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