Monday, January 14, 2013

Writing Away

This one is strangely fascinating to me.  It's dated "12/25/71" and with the open gifts strewn around, you'd think she's writing thank you notes.  But then I took a second look, and I wondered who would write a thank you note on a legal pad.  Anyway, in an age when writing cursive is a disappearing skill, I like looking at pictures of people writing.  In my grade school, one of the exercises we used to learn cursive was the writing of letters.  Another disappearing skill.  Now it's all a couple of quick lines in an email.  The tech age doesn't know what it's loosing.


  1. Perhaps she's listing the givers of the gifts for writing thank you notes later.

    I love the sheet music on the piano. Somewhere My Love - a hit in 1971.

  2. I'm trying to figure out what that odd thing is in the front. Looks like a iron, but has square ends. And champagne. Someone gave her bottles of champagne which are relegated to the floor.

    I think she's working on a seating list for the holiday dinner. Following the opening of gifts she is now relegating some people to the children's table.