Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The German American Collection, Adults Only

To recap...A dealer had purchased a number of photos from an estate, sold some of them separately, and then bundled up what was left into several lots, and then put them up on line, on EBay. I bid on all of the lots, but was only able to get one. Because it's so broken up, and because it covers such a great span of time, I'm putting the photos up in a catch-as-can manner, when I get around to it. I call it the German-American Collection, because there was a real photo postcard of a wedding with a German photo studio's name on the back (already posted), and a partial album from Germany (still to come). As usual, click on German-American in the labels section to bring up the lot. The picture of the woman on the stone wall is dated "Sept. 1936."

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