Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another View of the Pike

A latter view of The Pike at Long Beach, California. But, not that much latter. Take a look at the large white building on the right side of the card and see a sign for the Theatorium movie theater. Built in 1908 and demolished in 1917. The Rialto Theater in the foreground started out as a restaurant and was converted into a silent movie theater in 1917, it would survive into the sound era and close in 1948. I have a feeling that when this photo was taken, it might still have been the restaurant, but the colorist updated things with the new sign. Too, take a look at the crowd in the foreground. Most of the people haven't been tinted, and the buildings in the far background have been outlined. The photographer probably exposed for the shadow area of the crowd, which caused the far better illuminated background to wash out. The detail would still be there but would print very light. Published by "M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles, Cal." in business from 19194 to 1934.

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