Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Reminder

Just a heads up on the new blog. Since will be limited to no more than three posts, and often less, per week, and since I'm going to put the weeks worth up all at once, I thought I'd put reminders up here for the first month or so when something new gets posted. It's that time of the week right now.
Too, I don't know why, but Blogger won't let me post comments anymore. What's strange is that others can post comments on any of my blogs while I'm blocked. This is a reply to "Barbiedoll" who left a question on one of my John E. Reed posts. If you see this, I'm sorry but I can't help with your search. I have no connection to the Reed collection. I'm just a collector of old photos. If you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to leave contact information as an additional comment and ask for help. Who knows what information people might have.

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