Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homestead In Music

The Homestead works has a central part in the history of western Pennsylvania. It was the sight of one of the countries largest steel mills and symbolic of the industrial might of the area. It was also the sight of a major strike that turned violent when Andrew Carnegie called in Pinkerton strikebreakers. Printed on the back, "MINSKY BROS. & CO., PUBLISHING DIVISION, PITTSBURGH, PA. "C.T. ART-COLORTONE" REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. MADE ONLY BY CURT TEICH & CO., INC., CHICAGO" Written on the back, "Dear Ernie & Jennie, Some swell fellows and girls here. Am having a good time. Made first chair (E Bass) Wish You Were Here. John K. Tilley" Addressed to "Ernie & Jennie Marks, Purse Ave. Walnut Grove, Johnstown, PA" Postmarked, "MUNICIPAL DEC. 11 8 A.M. 1937" Actually there is a flat sign between E and Bass, but my keyboard doesn't have that, so I had to leave it out. I found a John K, Tilley from Johnstown on line. May not be the same person, of course, but he was born on Dec., 24, 1918, he was a veteran of World War 2 and retired from the axle works of Bethlehem Steel, which might explain a musician sending a postcard featuring a steel mill.

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