Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heinz 57 Varieties

This photo is another one from my early days of collecting, and faded as it is, it's also a favorite. I grew up in western Pennsylvania, the home of Heinz, the ketchup and relish manufacturer. With it 57 varieties, Heinz was a huge presence in Pittsburgh, it's corporate headquarters. The football stadium that is home field for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is named for Heinz. And yes, I'm sure that they paid for the right. Take a close look, click to bring it up in a bigger window if needed, and you'll see that these two ladies are holding Heinz products. The can with the keystone label is probably Heinz baked beans. I should know, I ate a couple of cans of Heinz baked beans every week of my childhood. The taller lady is holding a bottle that is in the shape of an old relish container.

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