Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rose Parade, January 1, 1926 Part 5

The fifth and final part, and the only one with a picture of the big game. Known as the "game that changed the south" that ushered in the "age of Dixie." Underdog Alabama, 9-0, was the second choice to face the mighty Washington Huskies. Led by star running back, George Wilson, the Huskies ran up 300 yards of total offence when he was on the field. After he left the game with an injury, Washington was limited to 17 yards of offence. Trailing 12-0, Alabama half back, Johnny Mack Brown led Alabama to 20 points in the third quarter. Final score, Alabama 20, Huskies 19. The Crimson Tide was awarded it's first national championship. It was also the first Rose Bowl to be broadcast on radio. While he was in southern California, Johnny Mack Brown signed a contract with MGM. He would appear in "Our Dancing Daughters" the movie that made Joan Crawford a star, and "A Woman of Affairs" with Greta Garbo. Sound was not good to Brown, and he ended up as the star of a series of B westerns.


  1. Hi, are any of these photos for sale ?

    1. Sorry, William NJ, but I don't sell the originals. If you'd like some reproductions, let me know what sizes, grey scale or true color, etc. It might take awhile for me to get back to you since I'll have to find a lab. I noticed that you have an antique store. Years ago, when I still worked at a photo lab, I sold reproductions from the collection at flea markets and art fairs. I still have some stock left if you're interested.