Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clouds in the Window

I have to wonder whether the cloud reflections in the windows was deliberate, with the photographer standing outside waiting for just the right moment , or was it just an accident. Both photos were printed with the decorative border. Normally I crop out all such borders when scanning in the original, but since the second photo was less interesting, I left it in as an example of a once common practice among commercial photo finishers. Written on the back of the image without the border, "This is Frank's family, all except Frankie, notice the reflection of the rain clouds showing in the room, the sun was out pretty strong in the front of the house, but it rained before the day was over, in fact all of these pictures was taken between down pours, showers, then sunshine." On the print with borders, "This is Franks family in the window, of course you do not want to miss the addition to the family she is some baby."

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