Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vacations and Reunions

I've noticed a strange conceit in many people from the sixties generation and younger that we are the first generations of Americans who have travelled. Forget the wars that have been fought in the twentieth century, travel has always been something we've done. All prints from the same estate. The two women on the bicycles is labeled, "Bermuda 1925" The water front picture with the single sail boat, "Dock Nassau, Bahamas July 1936" Note the building signed Kelly's Lumber Yard. I doubt that water front property in the Bahamas is cheap enough now to allow for a lumber yard. I'd be very surprised that this site isn't now occupied by a luxury hotel. The guys in the row boats, "Nassau, Bahamas. July 1936" Note the one man swimming. The photo of the couple, shipboard, "Aug. 1927" Not the life preservers, identifying the ship as the John A. Topping, registered in Fairport. The ship's superstructure, "Aft in our headquarters S.S. Managua July 1936" The squarish building with the steamer in the background, "The oldest town in Bermuda, St. George July 1936" The government building is labeled, "Capitol of Havana, Cuba July 1936" It seems to modeled after the U.S. Capitol in Washington. The row boats all clustered together on a lake, "Liberty N.Y. 1926" No Caribbean getaway in 26. A;ll of the farm pictures are labeled, "Lookout, Pa. 1926" It looks like a probable family reunion to me. My guess is that the couple who took these trips were a generation or two away from the farm.

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