Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I run across these from time to time, small collections of old, unrelated, snapshots put together by a seller. Usually, there are a couple of interesting prints, and a couple of not so interesting ones. This grouping is no exception. The least interesting of the lot is the only one with any written information written on the back. The lady sitting on the porch, probably from the twenties, judging by the cloche hat, "Mrs. Gerrard, 1111 W. Kings Highway, San Antonio, Texas." The photo of the kids in the toy canoe is fun, but it's not something I would have gone out of my way to buy. I also like the women with the string of fish, though again, it's not a must have image. It's the three oldest that are really the ones to have. All three appear to be on the border line of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The three people posing in the corn field, the woman with the great hat, I think, sitting in the prow of a small boat, and the trio with the road sign. When I saw it, I wondered, if automobiles and motorcycles are forbidden, does that mean that horse drawn wagons and bicycles are allowed?

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