Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monaco Theatre Restaurant 1947

Another souvenir photo folder from the age of night club floor shows, dining and dancing. I've done an internet search for the Monaco, and couldn't find anything specific. The date written on the front of the folder, Feb. 6, 1947 puts this image in the immediate post war years that was the beginning of the end for this type of club. Printed on the inside front cover, "When in Los Angeles--Visit the Riviera 845 North Broadway" On the back cover, ""FOR ADDITIONAL PICTURES WRITE WALLACE-ZORN PHOTOS 935 MARKET STREET, ROOM 203, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. PHOTOGRAPHS ARE $1.25 EACH, TAX AND MAILING INCLUDED PLEASE MENTION THE MONACO DATE AND NUMBER ON BACK OF PICTURE AND WHETHER GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL PHOTO IS DESIRED"
For another photo folder, souvenir picture go to the archives for June 15, 09. Click on Old Heidelberg.


  1. i have some pictures i just got from uncle...same thing souvenir photo folder ... from the music box and from new shanghai terrace bowl...from what i hear my family was big on ballroom dancing drinking and nightclubs...its been exciting learning about these things, thanks for your in input...if youd like to add to your blog im more then happy to share my copy with you :)

  2. I have a similar Wallace-Zorn souvenir photo folder.

    This one features The Trails in Los Angeles.

    The contact address on the back is 7525 Beverly Blvd. Hollywood, Ca.

    Pricing was $1.50