Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Night At the Movies

Stamped on the back, "MISSION PHOTO SERVICE, 278 Franklin Street, Phone 3571, Monterey, California."  And it's dated, "9/15/41."

The Monterey of today is a town of millionaires, and probably a few billionaires as well.  It's tourists visiting the aquarium and shopping and high end boutiques.  In 1941 Monterey was a working class fishing town, the Monterey of Steinbeck's Cannery Row.

It's hard to know what this gathering was about.  There's a screen and a 16mm movie projector in the background, so they must have been there to watch a film.  The suit wearers have a banker vibe, while the open collar types could be captains in the fishing fleets.  But why were they all gathered to watch a movie?  I wish I knew.

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