Saturday, December 26, 2015

Views of the World, Street Scene, Tokyo, Japan

I promised I'd finish this collection by the end of the year, so, it's time for the last three of the lot.  (Click on Views of the World in labels to see more.)

Needless to say, there's far too much information about Tokyo, on line, to type it all up.  So, don't be lazy, look it up.  In a nutshell, Tokyo started out as a small fishing village known as Edo.  It was first fortified by the Edo clan in the late 12th century.  Edo Castle, now the sight of the Imperial Palace, was built in 1457.  In 1868, Edo became the capital of Japan, and it's name was changed to Tokyo, which means eastern capital.  Today, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world.

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