Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sailing In Iowa

I almost never post the backs of postcards.  As this example shows, there's a lot of bad hand writing out there, and if I can make it out, and spare visitors having to suss out what's actually there, I type it out.  But this card has a bit too much info and I can't make it all out so have at it.   I know there's someone at Lake Okoboji, they're hungry, and hoping to fatten up.  How often do you hear that complaint?  The postmark is half gone, but it didn't take a lot of detective work to identify Arnold's Park as the location.  The clue was Lake Okojobi of the Great Lakes of Iowa.  Yes, I found great lakes and Iowa a bit of an oxymoron, too.  In any case, Spirit Lake, East and West Okojobi Lakes in Dickson County are an important resort area in the northern part of the state.  Arnold's Park lies between West and East Okojobi Lake.  The 1910 census, two years before this card was mailed, listed a population of 273.


  1. That's quite an image. I'm guessing it was a commercial card, not a photo of the group being chaperoned by "mother". What do you think? It's the vertical/horizontal rules that has me thinking commercial. It's a great shot.

  2. It is a commercially produced card. There is a copyright in the lower front cover. I couldn't make it out, or I would have posted the photographers name.