Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let It Snow

Woe is me.  Between my ongoing financial problems and my off again on again car problems, I haven't been backpacking in years.  Finally, I thought I had a solution.  Since I probably won't be working next week, I thought I could take the commuter train from my Los Angeles neighborhood to Acton at the edge of the Antelope Valley, walk back to a trail head in the Angeles National Forrest, and then walk a series of trails to Pasadena, and then a bus home.  But then it snowed in our local mountains.  Good for the skiers and snow boarders, but not so good for me.  I've hiked in snow before, but without knowing the accumulation, and with only a week, well what should have been a six to seven day walk could have ballooned into something much longer.

So what about our snow family.  I'm thinking that sailor suit might be World War 2 vintage.  A my dad's in the navy sort of thing.  Then again, maybe the kid just liked the clothes.  With everybody dressed up, I'm also thinking holiday diner at Grandma's.  Over the river and through the woods.  But Thanksgiving or Christmas?

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