Sunday, November 11, 2012

Company A, 31st Infantry, Heavy Weapons Unit

I've said it before and I'm saying it again.  Americans are too patriotic.  It's far too easy to stampede us into stupid, pointless conflicts.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a pacifist.  Give me a reason to fight that makes sense and I'll support war.  World War 2 being a good example.  But, the fact is that many of our wars have been in the foolish category.  Vietnam, Grenada, the second Iraq War, to name a few from my lifetime, were nothing more than a waste of money and lives.  That doesn't mean we should be callous towards our veterans.  That means, in the future, we shouldn't send so many of them to die for no real reason.

The title of the post is what's written on the back. The 31st infantry was formed at Fort McKinley in the Philippines and has the distinction of spending more time in overseas postings than in the United States.  Postings include the Philippines, Siberia, China, Korea and Vietnam.

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  1. Indeed. For so many years I've watched gas guzzling vehicles drive around with "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbons on their tailgates and have wondered if they even recognize the irony.

    As the second Iraq war began I had the misfortune to be at an event full of uber patriots who stood waving their made in China flags following a speech by a man who railed against those against the war. They all leapt to their feet as I was probably the only person in the hall who remained in my seat shaking my head. If dirty looks could have killed I would have been taken out by a woman from Kentucky.