Monday, October 29, 2012

Road Trip!

I hate driving in cities, but I love road trips, and this picture looks to have been from a great one.  I put my best magnifying glass on the cars license plate and it's from Pennsylvania in 1928.  And where did she go; Watkins Glen in New York, on Seneca lake in the finger lakes district.  Au Sable, New York on the Au Sable River, near Lake Champlain.  And on Lake Champlain, Rouses Point, a mile south of the Canadian border and during prohibition a great place to meet alcohol smugglers from Canada.  And of course, everyone should know about Montreal and Toronto.  I imagine this lady and her travelling companion(s) circled Lake Ontario, returning through Niagara Falls.  So, Watkins Glen State Park, the Adirondacks, beautiful lakes, smuggled Canadian whiskey,  French speakers, and shredded wheat.  (Shredded wheat is made in Niagara Falls, New York.)  And with no four lane highways, and probably more than a few miles on dirt routes, it must have taken at least a month.  Now that's a trip.


  1. That's a road trip I would join. I'm not eating any shredded wheat though.

  2. What is shredded wheat and why should one smuggle it ?
    Sorry for such a dumb question, but 1) we never had a "prohibition" here, and 2) we are happy with our drugs growing here (Sylvaner, of course).

    1. Shredded wheat is a breakfast cereal that looks like a pillow. It comes in two sizes, bite size and original. The original size is large enough to fill the bottom of a small bowl, so it has to be cut up before being eaten. It's made in Niagara Falls, New York U.S.A., so it wouldn't have been smuggled.