Sunday, March 25, 2012

Costumed Girls From Nebraska

I've picked up a few photos from a dealer in Nebraska. Some are clearly related, others...perhaps, but I can't be sure. This one looks like girls from a play or maybe a festival of some kind. Written on the back, "1. Ruth, 1. Jean, 1. Mary, 1. Doris, 1. Nola, 1. Edythe, 1. Nellie, 1. Esther, 1. Lillie" Ruth, Mary, Doris, Esther and Lillie have had their names crossed out. I wonder what they did to offend. And which one is giving the Hitler salute? The photo looks like it's from the twenties, so I'm sure she wasn't making a political statement, but it is an unfortunate coincidence.


  1. Hmm, five names crossed off...that's a lot. Very curious. Their salutes are unfortunate; I wonder if it had another meaning.

  2. What I wonder is what is that blurred thingie extending from the second in from the right? That is baffling.