Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ostriches in Los Angeles

All that meat, giant eggs and a fashion scene dominated by big hats with even bigger feathers. So why aren't the great plains of the United States covered in herds (flocks?) of ostriches? Another American get rich fad fails to catch on. The message written along the edge of the card reads, "My dear little friend. Where is my little red-headed girl that I don't hear from her anymore. I so often think of you and wonder if you are in the Park again. Do let us hear from you. Mr. S. send regards & love from your friend Mrs. Sisco." Mailed to, "Miss Frances Schroeder c/o Vern Stockwell, Billings, Mont" There is a space on the back of the card reserved for a return address, "Mrs. Charles O. Sisco, #4901 Vermont Ave Square, Los Angeles, Calif." Post marked, "LOS ANGELES, STA. C. JUL 7, 5:30 PM 1908."

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