Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hollywood Post Office

Did J.E. buy this postcard of the Hollywood Post Office at the Hollywood Post Office? If so why did he mail it from Beverly Hills? Printed on the back, "WESTERN PUBLISHING & NOVELTY CO., LOS ANGELES, CALIF. C.T. ART-COLORTONE REG. U.S. PAT. OFF." Post marked "BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF SEP. 3, 5:30 PM, 1942" And the message, Bev. Hills, Cal. 9/3/42. Dear Janie, Suppose C.B. is still on vacation. hope he is enjoying same. What are you girls doing? Guess D.J. is about ready for school again. Tell her I haven't forgotten her and shall try and answer her letter before I go into the army which may be soon. Tell C.B. to write me as soon as he gets home as I have a matter to take up with him. I'm awfully busy these days working overtime and sleeping overtime too. That's all I do, work & sleep. Answer soon, bye J.E." Addressed to "Mrs. Clyde Elam 4407 Brush Hills Rd. Nashville, Tenn." I'm always finding photos and postcards from the World War 2 era, and I always wonder who survived and who didn't. Most linen postcards started out with a black & white photo that was hand colored, and sometimes somewhat altered before printing, hence they just make it into the realm of photography. Anyone interested in more info on postcards should click on postcards in the labels section.

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  1. This used to be my post office. When I first went to it I was taken aback by some of the strangeness that had wandered in off the streets. I always remember the very elderly women with the smeared makeup. My roommate and I decided they were old silent movie actors that never left Hollywood. It was then I decided I would never grow old in Hollywood because it was just too sad. By my final years in L.A. my postman Jessie knew I no longer liked even going to the place to pickup mail because the neighborhood had become so dangerous. It was a lovely grand building but parking was a nightmare, to say nothing about the crazy people that would chase you down the streets.