Friday, August 13, 2010

Prims USA

I found a lot about this company. In 1530 in Aachen, Germany, goldsmith Wilhelm Prym began manufacturing household goods of brass and copper. In 1642 the Prym family moved the business to Stolberg, Germany. Jump ahead to 1924 when company president, Hans August Prym set up William Prym, Inc. USA as an exclusive importer and sales agent for Prym products in the United States. In 1939 the American branch of the company moved its headquarters to Dayville, Connecticut. In 1946, Herman Koehl, working with Hans Prym, invented the cover your own button and buckle. In 1988 Prym acquired the Dritz Corp., a major maker of sewing notions, sewing gadget and beaded hand bags. Now Prym Dritz Corporation, the company, with it's factories in North Carolina, became a major manufacturer of sewing notions. After several other aqusitions, the name of the company, in 2005, was changed to Prym Consumer, USA. There is a lot more out there, both on the Prym website and from other sources, but way to much for me to transcribe. There was a press release pasted to the back of the horizontal photo of the model, "QUICK-CHANGE BELT combines the quaint charm of Lucy Locket pockets with the practical efficiency of G.I. money belts. Prims cover-your-own slim buckles at each side reiterate cheery red of bright plaid pockets; are readily adjustable to insure snug fit over either slim or gathered skirt. Prims cover-your-own halo buttons are used for fashion as well as function, repeating the gay yellow of the belt's all-purpose cotton. FROM: Press Release, Inc. 220 East 42nd Street New York, N.Y. For: William Prym, Inc. Dayville, Conn. WILLIAM PRYM, Inc. 350 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 1, N.Y." I found it a little strange that a company involved in women's fashions would advertise something as being like a G.I. money belt.

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