Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the Arctic

This is one of my favorite small collections of photographs. Written on the back of the photo of the man in the kayak, "2185-1927-L.D.L." Native Ak-ah-Malak at Pond Inlet. Baffin Island." On the back of the image of the boat being towed by the dog team with the land in the background, "6685-1931-J.S.S. J.S. Soper and family-Assistant Moosa and family-leaving for zoological trip en route down Westbourne Bay to outer coast-June 6th, 1931. Lake Harbour, Baffin Island." The closer shot of a boat on a sled with the dog team to the side, "6028-1931-R.S.F. It's comforting to travel with a boat on the sled when the ice is beginning to disintegrate. Coronation Gulf, 30th May, 1930." Of the two images of the kayaks, the one where the boats are spaced out, "6966-1934-D.L.M. Finish kyak race. Port Burnell, July 1934." Where the kayaks are all in a row, "6965-1934-D.L.M. Start kyak race. Port Burnell. July, 1934." I'm guessing that these photos are from some sort of Canadian government survey. Maybe from a university. The misspelling of kayak is as written on the back of the photos.

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