Friday, September 18, 2009

More Photos With the Desert Base

As I've noted on earlier posts, these collections that I buy usually have a number of prints that are more interesting than others. I actually bought this small estate collection for a group of five prints that had been taped together to make a panoramic image of what looked like to be a desert military base, that I published separately on 8/25/09. Some of these images seem to be from a college graduation. My guess from the 1930's. There is a picture of an older man wearing a medal. I think it's from the GAR, the Grand Army of the Republic, a veterans organization for union Civil War soldiers. On the reverse, it's dated May 1930. The guy in the denim suit with the glasses is, I'm fairly certain, in the military, and he's wearing fatigues. I wish the skiing picture had been fixed properly and hadn't faded and turned brown. If the military base photo was from the California desert, then the skiing photo could be from one of the California ski resorts that had opened in the 20's and 30's. On the back of the cabin photo, "In front of our cabin." A motel cabin, I would think. I love the woman in the middle in her black dress. The boy in the fur coat, also faded and turning brown, is is interesting and has a stamp on the back, "ELKO LIFE TIME PRINTS K.C. MO." The only image with a location, noted, though it's pretty obvious that Mt. Rushmore, still being carved, ID's South Dakota. I also liked the picture of the three older men. Look closely, to see an airplanes cockpit in the background. And in a subtle way, the picture of the grandparents, daughter and grandchildren is very interesting. The older people are dressed, the woman in the long dress, in a pre World War 1 manner, while the daughter is probably from the 1920's or 30's.

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